Investor relations

The pressures of growing regulation, shareholder activism and tough markets have an impact on the cost of capital for companies. Communicating with investors is critical. There are few areas of more critical importance to an exchange-listed company than investor relations. Getting it right leads to institutional investor support and a successfully implemented strategy. Getting it wrong can lead to misunderstanding of management and an inability to carry out the company’s strategy.

Investors need to understand how and why a company operates and governs itself – communicating the strategy and getting investors on side is critical. The goals of a successful investor relation programme are to understand investor needs, get investors onside, develop and maintain profile with investment community, broaden coverage, enhance the demand for shares, maintain momentum and increase the depth of investor knowledge. Without a professional to give shape to and guide your investor relations activities, maintaining share momentum and investor confidence may be a difficult proposition.

We can assist you with the following services:

  • designing a proactive investor relations strategy and program
  • advising on and coordinating individual institutional investor communication requirements, one-on-one meetings, site visits and social events
  • market intelligence: giving you regular updates on issues affecting your shares, changes in the institutional investor market, personnel changes
  • author papers on specific issues such as share buy backs or regulatory changes
  • monitor changes in investor perceptions
  • monitor investor attitudes towards peer companies
  • write or review briefing notes
    • pre one-on-one meeting notes detailing attendees, history of shareholding, expectations
    • pre results and “issues” notes
    • pre institutional investor events briefings
    • post event topical discussions
  • investor sentiment previews
  • research undertaken ahead of results and other significant announcements
  • identify issues of concerns among investors and brokers
  • provide independent attributable feedback
    • means by which investors can make non-attributable suggestions to management
    • sound out market opinion on issues such as: management, strategy, progress and development possibilities
    • post one-on-one meetings
    • post interim and final results
    • post institutional investor events
  • share register commentary
    • help understand reasons behind changes
    • identify and target potential new shareholders and existing holders with potential to increase holdings
  • perception studies
  • form the basis of a strategic IR program
  • issues and perceptions affecting a company’s share price/rating
  • buy and sell side audits
  • non-attributable face-to-face in-depth discussion-style interviews