CGSource™ integrates your core compliance functions in one “easy to use” format to handle personal account trading, gifts and entertainment, list functionality and pre- and post-trade monitoring and testing.

Developed by a former SEC and LSE lawyer, CGSource™ empowers you to handle your daily compliance matters with ease and speed.

Our software is jurisdiction neutral, permitting you to operate across legal entities and in multiple countries.

  • Jurisdiction Neutral: Adjust Parameters to Your Local, Regional or Global Needs
  • Include Your Company and Affiliates: Local, Regional and World-wide
  • Cross Product and Legal Entity Lines
  • Encrypted and Cuber Secure
  • Lists: Restricted, Watch, Conflicts, Risks, Events and Pipeline
  • Compliance Risk Inventory
  • Conflicts Log and Resolution
  • Written Policies and Procedures
  • Personal Account Trading, Reporting and Tracking
  • Gifts and Entertainment Requests, Reporting and tRACKING
  • Pre- and Post-Trade Monitoring and Forensic Testing
  • Audit Train-Integrated and Non-editable
  • Employee Management
    • Access Persons, Supervised Persons, Associated Persona and Connected Persons
    • Transactions and Holdings Reporting
  • Links to Trading, Credit, Risk Management and Auditing Platforms

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